Hiking and activities in the Drôme region

Activiteiten Drôme

Le Roubion

There is a lot to do in the Drôme. You can go for a hike or a swim, visit typical French villages or enjoy the beautiful landscape. Below you will find information on all the things you can do in the Drôme.

Around the farm

  • Relax
  • Jeu de Boules
  • Visit the the cheese factory of Picodon cheese
  • Feed the chickens
  • Climb at the playground
  • Swim and play in the Roubion
  • Read a book under the limetree
  • Join us for a delicous French dinner
Activiteiten Drôme

The garden


There are beautiful things to see such as:

  • Visiting by car the spectacular cliffs and countryside of the Vercors
  • Visiting the waterfall (72m) of the gorges d’Omblèze
  • The natural reserve des Ramières du Val-de-Drôme between Crest and Livron (along the banks of river the Drôme)
  • The forest of Saoû
  • The mountains of Couspeau and Grand Delmas (above Mornans en Bourdeaux)
  • The lavender fields


Activiteiten Drôme

Market in Nyons


Every day of the week there is a market. You will find an overview of all markets at the farm. Some examples: Bourdeaux (Thursday), Crest (Saturday and Tuesday), Dieulefit (Friday) and Nyons (Thursday). Brocantes and Fleemarkets are organised regularly. You will also find an eventcalender at our Bed & Breakfast.



poet laval


Villages, cities and castles

  • The tower of Crest and the medieval streets
  • Les villages perchés, villages with castles build on a hill
  • Montelimar, city of the Nougat
  • Avignon with a beautiful old city centre and the well known bridge Pont d’Avignon
  • Valence, gateway to the Drôme
  • Die, known for its aperitif wine Clarette de Die
  • Dieulefit whith it’s beautiful small streets and great markets
  • Mirmande, a medieval village with a lot of artists and pottery
  • The dream palace of postman Cheval in Hauterives



Activiteiten Drôme


Local specialties

At several locations in the Drôme it is possible to visit a farm and join a tour around the property. At the same time you can taste and buy products such as meat, goat cheese, fruit and wine. Next to la Ferme de Pauroux there is a cheese factory of Picodon (the regional specialty of goat cheese).




Activiteiten Drôme

Les Trois Becs

Hiking in the Drôme

There are beautiful hiking trails for all levels of difficulty. At every tourist office you will find information on the hiking trials (120 in the Drôme-valley). At the farm or nearby you will find several trails like:

  • Bourdeaux and Mornans an easy hike from about 11 km (3.30 hours).
  • Poet Célard an easy hike from 9 km (3 hours) with the possability to visit the village and the castle.
  • Crupies an easy (but long) hike from 21 km (7 hours) accross the beautiful country of Bourdeaux




There are many itineraries of bicycle and mountainbike routes. You can find a booklet with them at the tourist office. New this year is the possibility to rent electrical bikes.



Activiteiten Drôme

Le roubion


Near our property you can find the river Le Roubion where you can swim (and play). Or you can have fun in one of the other rivers like the Jabron or the Drôme. At  4 km you will find in Bourdeaux a swimmingpool which is open in July and August. In Crest the swimmingpool is open from 1 June to 30 September.





Activiteiten Drôme



Treasure hunt with a GPS. You are going to search the cache which is hidden at certain coordinates. When you have found it you write something in the small logbook and exchange one item for an other. We have different Geocaching hunts avaliable. Great for parents with teenagers.



For children (but often also fun for parents):

  • Le Jardin des Papillions at Die (butterflies)
  • La Ferme aux crocodilles at Pierrelatte (crocodiles)
  • Le monde merveilleux des Lutins at Hostun (gnoms)
  • Parc Robinson at Marsanne (survivaltrail in the trees)
  • Tropical aquarium at Allex
  • Excursion to the goats in Chabrillan
  • Passeport Vacances in Bourdeaux ( all kind of sports and activities)
  • and a lot more